Friday, August 26, 2011

Southern California’s Leading Electrical Contractor Installs Energy-Efficient Lights in “Green” Facility

EverLast® Bi-Level Induction Fixtures Work in Conjunction with Solar Panels and Daylight Harvesting Controls

Taft Electric Company selects energy-efficient EverLast® induction light fixtures from Greentech LLC to illuminate its new “green” electrical prefabrication shop located in Ventura, California. The electrical contracting company also plans to install solar panels in conjunction with daylight harvesting controls as part of its commitment to sustainability.

“We wanted what we feel are the most energy-efficient light fixtures in order to lessen our electricity load and reduce the amount of solar panels needed to power the lights,” stated David Fabulich, Preconstruction Manager at Taft Electric Company.

EverLast® high bays, wall packs, and shoe box fixtures illuminate the shop as well as exterior walkways and parking lots. “The return on investment is very favorable when you factor in maintenance, installation, and energy cost savings,” stated Fabulich.  “Induction was a logical decision for us because LEDs (light emitting diodes) are still overpriced and have, typically, half the lifecycle of the fixtures we chose.”

Adaptive occupancy sensors provide additional energy and cost savings by dimming the already energy-efficient induction fixtures to 40% power when an area is vacant. When triggered by motion, the sensor powers the fixture back up to full illumination.

EverLast® bi-level induction light fixtures are ideal for applications that are unoccupied during parts of the day yet minimal lighting is required for safety purposes. Parking structures, parks, and parking lots are other applications where adaptive bi-level lighting is beneficial.  

“Everything from EverLast’s upfront sales support to the installation has been seamless,” stated Fabulich. “Their help in providing photometrics and developing a lighting layout allowed us to achieve higher lumens per watt using fewer fixtures. We’ve received a lot of compliments about the quality of light produced by the lower-wattage, instant restrike fixtures.”


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