Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Detroit’s COBO Center Completes Replacement of 3,000 Inefficient Lights with Induction Fixtures as Part of a $21 Million Energy Conservation Makeover

COBO Center, one of Detroit’s landmark public buildings and home to the North American International Auto Show since 1965, recently received an energy-efficient lighting facelift. With the help of federal SmartBuilding funds managed by the Economic Development Corporation, approximately 3,000 inefficient 400w metal halide lights were replaced with energy saving 250w EverLast® variable-dimming induction high bay light fixtures manufactured by Jackson-based Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc.

“We were ready to spend the money needed to achieve the quality of light we were looking for,” stated Al Vasquez, Director of Engineering Services at COBO Center. “We were impressed with the quality of light and overall performance of the EverLast fixtures. We also sampled a number of LED fixtures from various manufacturers and found the light to be too glary. Stacked up against competing fixtures, EverLast lights graded better in terms of performance and price.”

The lighting upgrade was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and is part of the center’s $21 million energy saving construction program, which will also include roofing and insulation upgrades. The new lights are expected to save the convention center $340,000 annually. Together these projects will save approximately $900,000 a year, or approximately 12.5% of its energy bill and related maintenance.

“We needed lights that would drastically reduce our energy and maintenance costs, but they also needed to work with our existing Johnson Controls system,” stated Vasquez. “By installing variable dimming high bays, our facility engineers are able to achieve the desired footcandles for a given event by programming the lights to show low, show high, and maximum mode depending on the event.”

EverLast® induction light fixtures are 50-70% more energy efficient than metal halides and last up to 100,000 hours, making them virtually maintenance free for up to 15 years. “When you consider the size and ceiling height of the 700,000 square foot building, not having to replace lamps nearly as often is a huge benefit for both economic and safety reasons,” Vasquez said. “EverLast really rose to the occasion in many ways and everyone is very pleased with both the product and service.”

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